2018 Best Activities Puerto Vallarta | Puerto Vallarta Day Trips

Puerto Vallarta Activities

Puerto Vallarta Activities

So you have decided Puerto Vallarta as your next honeymoon destination in Mexico, but do you know what activities can make your quest a memorable one? With the help of the ‘Best Fishing Charter’, we are presenting you some of the finest marine activities that not only make your honeymoon a loving happening of your life but an adventure filled too. Besides, if your honeymoon is not adventurous, it’s not memorable. In the end, you’ll surely go back home with amazing stories and pictures to tell.

Here are our handpicked famous Puerto Vallarta Activities that you shouldn’t miss while planning a honeymoon.

  • Rhythms of the Ocean– Puerto Vallarta, popularly known as Mexico’s best beach town, are renowned for its amazing seaside view. If you are planning to honeymoon here, then also plan to see a great view of the ocean. Hire fishing charter and experience the fervor of marine life.
  • Swimming and Diving– The underneath beauty of ‘Puerto Vallarta’ is as beautiful as above sea level and one must experience it with full zeal. Where there are a beach and ocean, there are loads of fun-loving sports to get into. Swimming and diving are certainly one of them.
  • Amazing marine Tour– A Marietas excursion is another way to explore the hidden gems of Puerto Vallarta and nearby beach town. You never know what you’ll discover until and unless you become a sailor. The marine tour gives you the privilege to admire the beautiful ocean, island, and huge yacht docking sight.

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