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Fishing Report in Puerto Vallarta area, Nuevo Vallarta Fishing Report and Punta Mita Fishing Report.


Puerto Vallarta Fishing Report June 2018:
This week we’re finally seeing some changes and welcome they are. The water is dirty, spotty mostly. You can experience all sorts of water colors, but you can find clean water, you have to be patient. But to be totally honest the bay is still about half dirty. Having said that there are massive amounts of bait in the area. Red Tuna Crabs are a seasonal indication of current changes. Sardines, Flying fish, Skippies, Bullet Bonito and the list goes on. The results have been better fishing in the bay than at the deep water locations. Like I’ve been saying now for weeks. Yes folks I finally have something positive to say this week!

Again for the last couple of weeks we’ve had dirty water from clashing currents, which of course stir up the sediment on the bay floor turning the water to “coffee”. But this is thinning out now as we’re seeing the results of these currents in warmer water temperatures. The Red “Tuna” Crabs are an indication of current changes. With the other baits moving into the area it seems Sailfish, Striped Marlin and yes, decent sized Dorado of 25 lbs! With the simple and small changes we’ve seen the condition of fishing improve from not the best, to actually good. That is if you’re in the bay. Outside the bay can be different, but even the area around the Marietta islands are looking to have signs of improving. Hopefully we’re moving out of the “transition period” to Fishing High Season!


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